Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cohousing with a sustainable twist

If you're around Nanaimo BC- or looking to be around Nanaimo BC, for that matter - make sure to check out a new cohousing community with a markedly sustainable twist to it.

The project, currently under development is named Pacific Gardens Cohousing and it's based on a 25-unit environmentally-friendly, intentional community. The green comes in as they're hoping to build with high density and offter sustainable development through the efficient use of land, the use of alternative energy sources, effective waste & water management, substantial bicycle storage, car sharing, organic gardening, and building material choices based on environmental impact.

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Matthieu said...

Hi, we just published a documentary on the cohousing phenomenon. It won an award at the 34th Ekotopfilm festival 2007 and was designed to show what is cohousing "from within" as a complement to the existing books.
The trailer can be watched at
Director of "Voices of Cohousing"